Get FUNdamental Fitness Certified


Look for the next FUNdamental Fitness Certification in March!

FUNdamental Fitness is a programming certification course for group and personal training.

Learn the template that will allow you to modify, inspire, create, build and teach your own comprehensive workouts!

The FUNdamental Fitness Certification is for: personal trainers, group exercise instructors, PE coaches, and serious exercisers wanting to deepen their knowledge of cross-training a multi-faceted workout.

This course is for you if…

~ You want/need ideas on how to create more diverse workouts for yourself and/or others.

~ You need more tools in your tool belt… more exercises AND a template to create your own exercises.

~ You are now teaching, OR wanting to teach fitness/exercise, and want a blueprint designed for any and all levels of fitness.

We will sweat. We will learn. We will share. We will create, laugh, sweat some more… and leave with a deeper foundation in knowing our bodies.



~ Identify, perform and teach the 5 Movements.

~ Add 76+ different exercises to your repertoire, in a functional, progressive template.

~ Understand how and when to incorporate functional Total Body Movements into a class or a client’s workout, and learn a variety of TBMs for your toolbox.

~ Learn to use FUNdamental Fitness as a blueprint… to create/design workouts for any genre/level.