What is FUNdamental Fitness?

A program that challenges the body while being practical, functional, complete, varied, and joyful.

FUNdamental Fitness uses total body movements, warming the body up, so we can burn calories, build strength, increase flexibility, and connect with the “kid inside”. It is a combination of yoga, pilates, functional fitness, and interval training… inspiring and challenging the total body.

“We used to move like this… let’s get it back!”

Can I do it?

This program is for every body. The blueprint is easy to understand, and easy to remember. You plug in WHERE YOU ARE, and the movements are simple, with lots of ways to make them harder, and harder… as you get stronger and more flexible.

Do I need any equipment?

Yes. You will need you and a yoga mat. You can add 5lb weights (optional), exercise tubing (optional), and 1 or 2 yoga blocks. Barefeet is recommended. If you are traveling, you just need the book or e-book, to create your own workout.

Where can I take a FUNdamental Fitness Class?

I teach a super fun FF class 4 times a week. MWF @ 8:15-9:05am. Bring a yoga mat and water. First class is free! Sundays I teach a Flow Yoga Class @ 4pm. Super music, Super energy, Super friends in class… Secondstorystudio.org for directions. The studio is in Belle Meade, TN. If you can’t make it to Nashville, BUY the Book… Make up your own program and enjoy the joy!

What makes it FUN?

Well, fun is different for everybody… but the program is designed for YOU to follow along with ever-changing routines, OR develop your own routine. It’s FUN because it different, it’s challenging, and then it changes, to inspire another movement. The variety and the total-body moves allow you to connect to your body in a deeper, more present way… and you can see your improvements quickly! Better balance, stronger core, more stamina, etc… and if that’s not fun… what is??

Fundamental Fitness and Golf:
“The core work and twisting we do has helped my flexibility immensely.
I am turning away from the ball better and hitting it longer and straiter.
Try it!!”

Why should I try this program?

Why not? FUNdamental Fitness is a practical, nuance of movements that challenge the heart, the muscles, brains, and bones. Do it for 8, 16, 24, or 45 minutes… Fit it in to your life and watch your joy increase!

I know yoga instructors with bone density problems… the body needs power and small bursts of impact to build bones.

I know Ironmen who can’t touch their toes… the body needs flexibility practice, twisting and balancing to avoid injuries.

I know runners and tennis players who are so tight that they get injured regularly.

Add FUNdamental Fitness to your weekly workouts… twice/week if you are super active with other things… 5 days a week if this your only workout.