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Are you passionate? Curious? Cutting-Edge? Busy? Open-Minded? Dedicated?
Ready to get stronger on every level???

Book unlimited 20-minute sessions on the ROM!

4 minutes on the upper body…

Next day… 4 minutes on the lower body.

OR Every Other Day… 4 minutes on upper body…Rest 4 minutes… 4 minutes on the lower body… DONE!


* Appointments only, text or call 615-497-3333 to schedule.

Please download, read, sign and return this waiver. I must have it on file before you can use the ROM.


2 x 15 minute sessions with me, are required before you can use the ROM. Contact me! I’ll get you on the books! It is vital that your form on the machine is super, and that you are confidant in how to use the ROM.


ROM membership = $75/month

If you are a client, or have a current FUNdamental Fitness class package = $50/month.

Jenerator Monthly Packages

After purchasing a package, book your time period.


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Instructions for booking:
1. Select an individual date, or range of dates
2. Select the time desired
3. Complete form and submit
4. Blue background indicates no times have been reserved for that date.
5. White backgrounds with clock indicate some time periods have been booked. Rollover the date to see these reserved times.

PS. If there is a $25 fee after you book… please disregard. Fixing this!