FUNdamental Fitness is a blueprint for having fun while seriously training the body.

Remember playing hide and seek? Kick the can? Remember sitting easily on the floor, crossing your legs? The body is designed to MOVE… Use it or lose it!… And wherever you are starting from… expert or couch… you can get it back, and improve on what you’ve got. FUNdamental Fitness combines the natural movements of childhood with yoga, intervals, balance, power, strength and stamina. It is a powerful, total-body workout that you can do anywhere!


Jen has combined her passion for music, love of teaching, years of personal fitness and group fitness training, and her own enthusiasm for vibrant health, to become a wellness coach, writer, speaker…and creator of FUNdamental Fitness. She is an ACE certified trainer and a RYI certified yoga instructor. But mostly… Jen loves to feel good, be strong, live life fully, be present, grateful and joyful… and have FUN!


Please visit the FAQ’s for where and how you can take a FUNdamental Fitness class!!